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the tires screeched to a halt
no ones going anywhere at all
so rose button up your door
and tell me what your doing this for?

i was running through the park
bones where tired yeah everything was off
just then out of the sky
i decided i was done working for some boss

so i took the dough i had
bought me a .9mm from a
Haitian who drove a cab
call it karma, call it luck
my dear sweet rose was the first
darling i held up
i think at first she didn't like me
so i kept her tied up in the back seat
then one night some men while
i was robbing an A & P tried to take her
so i killed them in the street
rose came and kissed my cheek

we hit texas we hit kansas
memphis, vegas, old LA man was she kind to us
we hit trouble north of san fran
from some old mexican and 50
of his closest friends
all the while we talked of getting out
buying a ranch having kids and settling down
but man the money was just too easy
then one day rose started feeling kinda queasy

we were busting cross the hudson
putting black top between us and
a dead man in tucson
out of no where came the lights
a goddamn black and blue
smiling in my rearview
rose she told me to slow down
pull off the tar she said maybe they
don't know who we are
i just looked at her with a stare
two years on the run and now she didn't care
but oh rose why was i so dumb
we could have bought that ranch
and raised that baby right
but now the both of you are gone
and all i've got is this prison cell in folsom


from Tall Tells & Modern Lies, released July 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Jesse Moore (of East Cameron Folkcore) Austin, Texas

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